This tool helps to deploy private VPN servers on Alibaba Cloud for you automatically. You just need to paste your access key pair here. I'll integrate more cloud services and develop more user-friendly features in the future.

Background of why I make such a tool

China is a country without internet freedom because of the existence of the GFW. We can't access to most of the worlds' famous websites or services, such as Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Line, Snapchat, etc. However, most of us developers have to use Google search engine rather than Baidu the biggest and almost the only search engine in China to look for solutions when we encountered problems. We need to connect to the world to learn and keep pace with new technologies. In addition to this, and not only we developers, but also many ordinary Chinese citizens, are also eager to know more about the world, including politics, economics and cultures.

So we need to know how to cross the GFW. Most of us buy VPN services from VPN providers. And some of us would like to build private servers.

Some friends asked me to help them to deploy private VPN servers. Therefore I made this tool.

How this tool works


Advantages to use this tool

Easy to use One click to deploy a new server and print a QR code for your VPN clients (shadowsocks clients)
Cost saving 1. Rent short-life servers with very cheap configuration cost rather than rent a server for months or years
2. Pay traffic on demand, no limit, and you just pay the traffic used directly to your cloud provider
Secure and Private This tool doesn't collect your keys, server logs. VPN accounts information generated will be saved to a database but only you can read
Lower risks to be blocked VPN providers meet higher risks of being blocked in China
Greater bandwidth Configured bandwidth is 100Mbps

Shortages of this tool

  1. You have to install a suitable shadowsocks client by yourself, I would recommend you wingy and ShadowRocket in the AppStore, and from here you also can find something you need.
  2. The deploy procedure would take about 1~3 minutes.

Who are using this tool

Some of my friends are using this tool. Due to political reasons, I can't turn it into a commercial product or even spread it in communities to help more people to build their own private VPN servers.