Date Open Source Project My Contributions
Jan 1, 2019 sourcegraph/jsonrpc2 #23 Prevent program from panic on nil options
Dec 4, 2018 ggerganov/kbd-audio #12 Fix cmake SDL2 not found
Nov 24, 2018 PyGithub/PyGithub #969 Change type of to NamedUser
Aug 28, 2018 dragonflyoss/Dragonfly #135 docs: typo fix
Jun 28, 2018 colyseus/colyseus.js #33 Room RECONNECTION_KEY never used.
#34 Fix key error.
Jun 19, 2018 ccxt/ccxt #3184 Exchange gateio incorrect timestamp handling in fetchTrades API.
#3185 Fix incorrect timestamp handling of fetchTrades API of exchange gateio.
Apr 19, 2017 astaxie/beego #2577 Fix ini parsing error for multiple users on one machine.
Oct 11, 2016 scrooloose/nerdtree #626 Add note in README: trick to open NERDTree as a window on startup.

I have contributed to several open source projects listed above. And I really feel happy when the project maintainers and some project users praised me for my work. I will try my best to contribute to the community :)